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Do you love walking with your dogs?

Would you like to go for a walk with me?
What I can offer you {if you live close to me} is a walk in the beautiful mountains of the Spanish Costa Blanca. Each Sunday morning we walk for about two hours on small country lanes and all our dogs are off leash.

What I offer you is nothing less but THE MAGIC OF THE PACK.

It is the closest our dogs can get to nature. Canines are pack animals and for their survival they have to hunt.
No animal in the world goes for a walk, except the animals in Walt Disney movies.
Walking with our dogs means hunting for them. They smell, listen, look and search for a prey. We call this walking. It isn’t walking for them. It is hunting and during the hunt we {I} have to be the leader.

The other day someone came to our meeting place with a dog I had never seen before. Everything in the person’s body language showed {s}he was very tense, very anxious and very afraid of all the terrible things that might eventually happen during our walk. The behaviour of the dog {s}he was holding on a tense leash reflected all the tension, anxiety and fear of the owner. I was not surprised when the owner told me the dog was aggressive and biting other dogs when on the leash. I explained that the dog was not aggressive but defensive.

What can a dog on a leash do if the owner is panicking? Try to imagine you were the dog and you have to drag along a human being that shows no leadership at all. A human being that is not able to protect you but panicking whenever another dog comes close. What would you do? Wouldn’t you also do everything you can to make other dogs leave you alone?


I asked the owner what {s}he was afraid of: {s}he thought the dog would bite, would get bitten and would run away when off the leash.
Having heard such chimeras before I was confident enough that the magic of the pack would work again for the new dog and owner.

Starting the walk I asked the owner to stay at the rear of the group with the dog on the leash. After a while we arrived in a quiet area and I invited the owner to let the dog off the leash and not interfere with shouts, cries or wild gestures.

The owner complied and the magic of the pack worked.
The dog ran to the front of the group, started interacting with the 20 other dogs and that was it.

At the end of the two hour walk, the owner felt a lot better than at the start.
The dog had not bitten any dog, was not bitten by any dog and did not run off.

The confidence of the owner is growing with each walk {s}he does with me. {S}he starts to understand that the fear {s}he had only existed in his/her imagination

Have you had similar experiences?

Thank you for telling me about them.

Kindest regards from Brunothedoglistener

Well-educated dogs are obedient dogs.
Obedient dogs are happy dogs.
Happy dogs have happy owners.

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Today I want to talk to you about the most powerful dog in the world.

It is not a Mastin de Leon, a Rottweiler, a Newfoundlander, a Dogo Napolitano or a Saint Bernard. Most of them are mere gentle giants.

Let me unveil to you the secret about the most powerful dog in the world.

Because of our thirst for gossip we are addicted to stories about famous people. The media are more than willing to feed us with a never ending stream of so-called news about the rich and famous.
Our gossip society is very interested in all the details of the private lives of famous people. The more trivial, sordid, debased, sensational or shocking these details are the more we love it.

American presidents are famous people.

We see them every day on the evening news when they are performing a ritual. A few examples of these ritualized shows are: walking to a car/plane/helicopter; stepping out of a car/plane/helicopter, speaking during a press conference, shaking hands, waving at crowds and showing of their dogs.

Do you remember Lyndon Johnson and what he did to the Vietnamese people?

Do you think he did not want to be re-elected because of the war in Vietnam? I will tell you the shocking truth. One day he was shown on the telly lifting up his small dog by its ears. Americans were so scandalized by the cruelty of their president that he immediately stepped down.

Since then American presidents do not pick up their dogs anymore by their ears.

At least not in public.

I do remember the Clintons just like I do remember the Flintstones. Sometimes I liked the Clintons better than the Flintstones, especially when Bill Clinton was saying things like: I did not have sex with that woman.
But Bill and Hilary also had a dog. As far as I remember it was a chocolate coloured Labrador. Many times I saw Bill walking over the lawn of the White House. When he was not having sex with that woman he was certainly being pulled along by his dog.

I loved it.

It was magnificent.

Here we had someone called the most powerful man in the world and his dog pulled him along.

This must be one of the best kept secrets in world history.

I am now going to announce it publicly for the first time.
The most powerful man in the world was pulled along by a Labrador weighing 32 kg. The man thought he was in charge. But he was wrong.
We know that if a dog pulls a person along, the person is obviously the follower and the dog is clearly the leader.

Bill never knew the truth about his position.
His dog did.

Now you know it also.

Bill was not in charge.

His dog was.

The other day I read an article in the Spanish paper El Pais {The Country} about the dog of the Obama family.

I haven’t seen brother Barack walking his dog but chances are that his Cao de Agua Portuguès {Portuguese water dog} will become the most powerful dog in the world.

Drop me a line if you see a picture of that dog pulling along his president.
What could this mean for us and the future of our planet?

It means there is still hope for humanity when this dog takes charge.

We know that dogs are not as intelligent as human beings.

They never go to war, never lie, cheat, pretend, blame, moan, criticize, judge or condemn.

Yes there is hope for humanity.

Kindest regards from Brunothedoglistener

Well-educated dogs are obedient dogs.
Obedient dogs are happy dogs.
Happy dogs have happy owners.

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Here is some heartwarming news for you.

A few weeks ago I wrote to you about Jeni and her dog. She is a member of my Sunday morning walking group. Her vet had discovered her dog had an enlarged heart. Jeni expected the worst for her dog and she asked me for advice. More specifically she wanted to know if she would still walk him with our group or not?

Maybe you remember what my advice was. Maybe you forgot.

This is the summary of what I wrote.
I could imagine that Jeni, in her imagination, expected the worst and was already worrying about losing her dog.

Yes, I could.
Because many times I had done the same in the past.
But I have learned to deal with my dogs {and with everything else in my life} in a different way.
Dogs do not think like we do. Dogs do not think like worrying human beings.
Dogs live in the NOW. If the NOW and the HERE is ok, they are happy. They do not worry about the future and they do not speak about the good old times. For them there is no better time than the present time. In my opinion that is true for us too.

My suggestion for Jeni was to do something different than expecting the worst.
I asked her: Why not expect the BEST?
What is wrong with expecting the BEST for your dog?
Would Jeni feel worse? Would her dog feel worse?
My answer is: NO, absolutely NOT.
On the contrary, if we expect the best, we are sending good energy to our dog and that will help the dog tremendously. He or she will pick up the good vibes and good vibes will certainly influence his {and our} health in a positive way.

The whole thing took a completely unexpected turn for Jeni when she visited her vet a second time. She witnessed how he got angry at his assistant who had made the diagnosis. The vet was angry because when he checked everything he came to the conclusion that his assistant had been completely wrong. The heart of Jeni’s dog was not enlarged and on the spot she could stop giving him all medication.

Jeni’s pain, fear and worries had been for nothing because there was nothing wrong with her dog’s heart.

Can you imagine how happy she was?

Now you will understand that I am asking you again, the same question I asked you before:

what is wrong with expecting the best, not only for our dogs but for everything we do and think in our life?

When there is negativity in me, there is also something that WANTS that negativity. There is something that perceives the negativity as pleasurable. If I can at that moment be aware of what really happens in me, my identity can shift from Ego to awareness. At that moment I am able to see that I am creating suffering for myself. And you know what? At that moment I am able to let go of my negativity and my suffering.

The beauty of it is that I do not need a vet’s correct diagnosis of my dog’s heart anymore in order to feel good.

I simply feel good because I am aware of what my Ego is doing to me.

In the mean time my dog has never been worried about anything. He has no Ego.

Speak to you soon.

All the best from Brunothedoglistener.

An obedient dog is a joy forever.
Well-educated dogs are obedient dogs.
Obedient dogs are happy dogs.
Happy dogs have happy owners.

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Today I received a most interesting message from a client.

What struck me is that she used the verb to try four times in a short message about her dogs. For that reason I started analyzing the importance of the verb to try in our language. But before giving you the result of my thoughts I want to ask you a few questions.

Are you willing to accept that dogs know everything about dogs?

Are you willing to accept that they are dogs and that they are not furry human babies on four legs?

Are you willing to accept that their behaviour is a reflection of our behaviour?

Are you willing to accept that training dogs is impossible without education and that educating them is impossible without understanding them?

Do you agree?

Even if you do not agree stay with me and help me analyzing the importance of the verb to try in your life.

My client uses the verb to try 4 times in her message.

Having worked with many dog lovers it became second nature to listen to what my clients are saying and writing. It was fascinating to discover the real meaning of some words we use every day. This real meaning is very often hidden behind an emotionally loaded verbal cloud Do you know that many people use the word try frequently? Did you ever pay attention to it? Are you aware of the fact that you are using it too?

It is my opinion that this one word try determines a large part of our reality. It also influences the way we think and the way we act.

When I say that I tried it really means that I did something without really putting my heart in it. Most of all it means that I was not successful in what Itried. It is as if by saying I tried I unconsciously go for failure instead of going for success. By saying that I tried we are asking the listener or reader to show sympathy for us. Unconsciously we want the listener or reader to accept that I tried but failed and that I am not responsiblefor the failure. In fact we are saying: I am the victim of the situation.
It is my opinion that by saying I tried we put ourselves in a private prison cell. It is the prison cell of our excuses, our limitations and our refusal of taking responsibility of our own lives.
By removing I tried from our vocabulary we can put ourselves in the drivers seat and gain more control of our dogs and … our lives.
More often than not, saying that I tried is the culprit of our failures.

By replacing I tried with I do not want to, or I do want to we can open the door to more freedom for ourselves.

If I do not want to do something, I have taken a decision. It is my decision and I am responsible for it.
If I do want to do something I have also taken a decision. It is also my decision and I am responsible for the action I will now undertake.
In the message my client writes the following four sentences: we are still trying to implement the training and I am really trying to use the techniques and  I have tried putting him in his basket and the best way to try and start correcting this behaviour.

My question for her was: are you willing to change those statements?

Change them to:

I implement the training of my dogs because that is my decision.

I use the techniques you have shown me.

I put him in his basket because that is what I want him to do.

I correct the behaviour of my dogs because that is what I want to do.

Do you see, do you feel the difference?
Will you do it? What is holding you back?

Why would you not be able to make it happen?

Plenty  of people are living in harmony with their dogs. They are doing it right now while you are reading this. For them it is not impossible to communicate in a very efficient and rewarding way with their pets.

You can start your transformation right now by paying close attention to when and how you use the word I tried and then repeat the sentence in your mind, replacing I tried with I want to/I do not want to? Be honest to yourself and you may be in for an awakening. Your dogs are looking forward to it. They will love the results of your discovery.

Drop me a line with your comments will you?

Kindest regards from Brunothedoglistener

Well-educated dogs are obedient dogs.
Obedient dogs are happy.
Happy dogs have happy owners.
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