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For more than a decade I have been taking groups of dog lovers for free walks.

In the beginning these walks were limited to my pupils but today everyone is welcome to join my pack. Regulars members of my group consider the Sunday morning walks an important event in their lives. They not only bring along their dogs but also friends, neighbours, family members and visitors. Walking the tracks of the Costa Blanca mountains in Spain it enabled me to meet people from Canada, Costa Rica, Argentina, Australia, Germany, Holland, Belgium, England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Sweden etc…

The fact that all dogs are off leash can be daunting for dog lovers arriving for the first time. Many first timers are afraid their dogs may run off or get hurt in a scuffle. They show their fear and anxiety in their body language and these negative feelings are reflected in the dog. But at the end of the walk both dogs and owners are always feeling better. Most of the times the newly arrtived dogs pick up de positive energy of the pack. When (very occasionally) dogs get in a skirmish I move in and separate them. They are allowed to fight, but not when I am present.

Underneath I am sending you the copy of an article written by Cesar Millan ( He is a famous and very talented man. He certainly loves to walk his dogs as much as I do. The difference is that he is all alone to walk his dogs, while I include the dog owners in my walks. Enjoy his article.

If you want to start you own walking group or if you have done it already just drop me a line.

Go the distance! Hiking with your dog

Dear fans,

In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks. John Muir said that, and I couldn’t agree more. Hiking with the pack is one of my favorite things to do. The level of happiness I feel on those mornings is beyond a ten! I feel really relaxed and have absolute silence within me. The only sounds are those of the nature around me and the hard breathing of the dogs. I love that sound. You hear and feel everyone and everything when your mind is silent.

On the days I hike with the pack, we typically go early – by 6 a.m., and we’re out for a couple of hours. I’ll stretch first, pray, and breathe in the cool morning breeze. That fresh air is like coffee and more than enough to make me feel awake and alive! There’s no verbal communication during that time. The entire morning is spent in silence, communicating though energy and receiving the gift of the natural silence. Then we’re back around 8 a.m. – the dogs head straight to the pool to go for a swim and cool off.

When hiking with your dogs, remember to stay hydrated and bring water for you and them. It’s almost summertime, so keep your dogs close and don’t let them wander through bushes or tall grass where rattlesnakes may be. Learn about your dog’s limits physically, take the heat into consideration, and have a time limit for your hike. If their tongue is hanging out of their mouth more than half way out, it’s a sign to stop and take a rest. If they start picking up their paws quickly, it may be a sign that the ground is too hot, so find some shade to cool off.

Know the trails and have a plan in mind of where you want to go, what you want to see. Bring backpacks for the larger dogs to carry the water and whatever else you may need. In my pack, when the little dogs get tired, I have the big dogs carry them… in the backpack! Giving them a job, or discipline, and exercise at the start of the day sets the foundation for the rest of it, fulfilling your needs and theirs. Go the distance, remembering to stay calm and assertive along the way!

Cesar Millan

Kindest regards from Brunothedoglistener

Walking is walking for humans but HUNTING for dogs.

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