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But what can I write about friendship?

What does friendship mean for you?

I can certainly tell you what it does NOT mean to me.

There are all sorts of facebooks being launched on the internet. What puts me off these systems is the random use of the word friend. Complete strangers present themselves all of a sudden as my friends. They are not my friends. Therefore I do not participate in artificial facebookfriendships. I want to keep on using the word friend for people I love and know personally.

Friends are people I can TRUST.

In my former business life I have been cheated by people I trusted.
Today I am very grateful for the experience because it was an eye opener for me. I trusted certain people because I wanted them to trust me. The mechanism was: Look how I trust you. I am such a good guy that I expect and assume that you will now trust me. I needed other people to trust me because I wanted to be loved, wanted to be the good guy or even the good little boy.

Gino is not an artificial facebookfriend but my real friend and he is a mirror for me.

What kind of mirror are you, Gino, holding in front of my eyes?

I find the explanation in the fact that, many years ago, I started calling you my younger brother. The younger brother I never had as I was an only son.
We became friends and twenty years later we still are. Today I feel closer to you than I felt twenty years ago.
Since becoming a New Warrior in the ManKindProject, I started working with my shadow and I learned to look into the mirrors many people are holding in front of my face.
Gino, my younger brother, for decades you have been showing me my shadow in this mirror.
Thank you so much for doing it lovingly and without judgments.

Our friendship is unconditional.

I do not expect anything in return.

For that reason I am your friend and that is why I established a link between your website and mine.

What does friendship mean in your life?

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Today I want to write about my own website because recently brother Rasada has established new links with a few other websites.

These sites are valuable to me and I want to explain to you why?

First of all I want to talk to you about

This website belongs to Eva Schoenfeld in South Africa. She recently published two books about the use of Natural Tissue Salts for ourselves and for our pets. In Johannesburg she runs her own academy for tissue salts and facial analysis, where she is training hundreds of pupils. Some eight years ago Eva introduced me to the Natural Tissue Salts after Dr.Schuessler. Since then I have been able to help not only myself  but also many dogs and humans regaining a better health.

Dr.Schuessler was a German doctor who lived from 1821 to 1898. He was able to discover the 12 basic minerals that are essential for the undisturbed functioning of our organism. These natural minerals (also called Natural Tissue Salts) are the essential cell nutrients which make it possible for the body’s individual cells to perform perfectly in the cell organisation. Because of a good resonance field they also control the mineral metabolism outside our cells.

Make no mistake: Without these natural minerals NOTHING works properly in our bodies. Without natural minerals the vitamins do not work as they are supposed to do, nor do our hormones and it is because of the natural minerals that we have a well-formed body with strong bones and firm connective tissue.

The Schuessler biochemistry can be summarized like this: If our cells are ill, then our body will be ill. Our cells are getting ill because of a deficiency in natural minerals. In simple words this means that the stocks of minerals in our bodies are being depleted. A healthy body and healthy cells are only possible if we replenish these stocks in our cells. Why are the stocks of minerals in our bodies being depleted? Because of the deficient industrial food we are being offered by Big Business.

Dr.Schuessler knew that taking undiluted minerals can pose a strain to our body. (I have experienced that myself with the classic undiluted iron supplements that produced side effects in my body.) Schuessler discovered that replenishing the mineral stocks in our cells was only possible by diluting (also called potentiating) the minerals. Diluted Natural Tissue Salts can penetrate the cell wall resulting in perfect absorption of the minerals in our cells.

In order to give you an example I will tell you my experience with a deficiency in Magnesium.

All my life I have been an outdoor man, climbing mountains, running long distances, kayaking, cycling and practicing martial arts. I thought that I could eat every cake and every piece of chocolate I saw. I was convinced of the fact that my activities allowed me to burn all the calories of the sweets I was eating. But that was a mistake as I suffered more and more from migraines, started to feel tired and noticed how my eyesight was diminishing. Eva Schoenfeld advised me to take Natural Tissue Salts emphasizing the use of nr 7 Magnesium phosphoricum after Dr.Schuessler. Using the potentiated tissue salts I could replenish the stocks of magnesium in the cells of my body and my craving for sweets in general and dark chocolate in particular disappeared. Not so long ago I did some shopping and I bought a pot of my favourite chocolate spread. Having eaten from it once I did not like it anymore and threw the rest away. The craving was gone for good.

What is facial analysis?

Whatever mineral deficiency we have finds its reflection into our face. An experienced practitioner of NTS is able to read the signs of these deficiencies in our faces. Instead of speaking about a facial analysis other people might call it a facial reading. (In German it is called eine Antlitzanalyse). During a session of a few hours the practitioner will find the cause of our deficiencies and suggest a combination of NTS that will enable us to replenish the mineral stocks in our cells.

So, in order to give you a few examples, if for instance, just naming a few, you have vertical wrinkles in front of your ears, drooping eyelids, splitting nails, cravings for Bordeaux wine, coffee or chocolate, a grayish coated tongue, slowly healing wounds, dandruffs, herpes or if you are simply feeling always tired, it is time to consider taking Natural Tissue Salts after Dr.Schuessler. Do not hesitate to get in touch with Eva in South Africa or with me in Spain.

Do you remember the article I wrote about the allergic dog without a coat, who had been treated unsuccessfully for six years? Giving him a combination of natural food without cereals and chemicals, Natural Tissue Salts and vegetable supplements of BarleyLife the dog regained his health.

Now you know why there is a link on my website with

In my next letter I will speak about friendship.

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Recently I received the following message from a reader.

Hi Bruno,


1 He still pulls on the lead. I’ve tried changing direction,  standing still till he comes to his senses, and finally a harness  ( a gentle leader produces pawing at the part over his nose and distress)  any suggestions?
2 Aggression to other dogs (sometimes cats) usually when on the lead.  Quite friendly off the lead.

Here are my comments.

Pulling on the lead combined with what the reader calls aggression is (for me) a classic. I am dealing with it hundreds of times.

You can buy whatever device you want to use for walking your dog but it all comes down to two basic rules:


It is like Monty Roberts, the world famous horse listener, uses to say:

The most important part of a bridle is the hands holding it.

Basically, according to me, a lead and a collar are for beginners. As soon as you have established an harmonious relationship with your dog, you can walk her/him off lead.
So let’s begin at the beginning. Will we start with training the dog? NO. We will start with communication. Correct and clear communication will enable me to educate my dog. This will create a situation wherein the dog pays attention to me and respects me as the pack leader. THEN and only THEN can I start with the training of the dog.

1. Clear communication leads to understanding. Unclear communication leads to misunderstandings. If you have learned to communicate correctly with you dog, only then will you understand her/him and will (s)he understand you.
This understanding will happen if you can communicate with your dog NOT mainly with words, but with your BEHAVIOUR, your BODY LANGUAGE and your CALM ASSERTIVE ENERGY.
Why does this work?
Because this is the way dogs communicate. (S)he behaves just like all animals behave and just like natural people do who still live close to nature.
Unfortunately I do have the impression we in the Western World are losing touch with nature.
As so-called civilized human beings we believe that communication is mainly possible with verbal language, with words.
But you surely have had moments when you feel good or not good in certain circumstances and with certain people. We call this gut feeling.
That is the best way to communicate with your dog.
NOT by talking all the time, because this reduces your voice to wall paper musac.
Unfortunately the domestication of human beings has brainwashed us into believing that we have to suppress, the negate, hide and ignore our feelings. I think differently. Thanks to the trainings in the ManKindProject I have learned to work with my shadow and to acknowledge the importance of my feelings and the importance of clear communication.

2. If you have learned to communicate correctly with your dog, (s)he will understand you correctly. (By the way human beings will also understand you better) This means that your dog will pay attention to you when you ask for it and will respect you as her/his pack leader.
You as a pack leader you will offer security, quietness, food, water, shelter, exercise, in other words your leadership offers survival in an harmonious relationship based upon mutual trust.

3. The moment this connection has been established, we can start training our dog. Unfortunetaly most un-informed people think they have to start with training of the dog. Many so-called dog trainers think this too. I have countless clients who tell me they have been to training classes, but in the end they still have to call me for help because the problems did not disappear.
Why is this?
Because if  a dog owner has created a problem for a dog by behaving nervously, or like a person who is full of fear and anxiety, with feelings of insecurity or under stress and if that is combined with a chaotic and totally unclear communication, then not one dog in the world is able to correctly understand what the owner wants.
These dogs pull on the lead, run away, dig holes, are aggressive (what I call defensive), jump up at owners and visitors, jump on sofa’s, destroy furniture, you name it.
Believe me, I sometimes have the feeling I want to run away too when being in a situation full of negative energy.
These poor dogs are called BAD dogs by their owners. When I come into the homes of these people, very often a few minutes later the dog behaves with me as what I call a perfect dog.
Owners confirm then that the behaviour of their dog is different, as soon as I am there.
Why is this?
Because I have learned how to behave like a pack leader. I have learned to be clear in my communication with the dog (and with human beings).

4. Working on the lead with a dog that pays attention to me is pure joy. Because with my clear signals the dog immediately understands what I mean when I start walking, when I turn 180 degrees to the right or to the left, change pace, stop and make the dog sit. These so-called BAD dogs are suddenly not pulling anymore because for them I am the coach of the team and the two members of the team are working together. Which is of course an enormous difference with a dog that is pulling a person along.
A pulling dog does NOT pay attention to the human being holding the lead. A pulling dog clearly understands the message that is unconsciously given by the inexperienced person holding the lead.

This message is: YOU dear dog YOU HAVE TO BE IN CHARGE.
This dog will understand the wordless message of the inexperienced dog handler and accept the task.
What will (s)he consider to be her/his task?
For the dog it means: I have to be in the charge of the hunt and that is why I will be at the front. I also have to defend the pack and that is why I will chase away everyone I consider to be an enemy.
In the mean time the human being thinks something that is totally different. The human being thinks in human words something like we go walkies and my dog is aggressive.
But no predator in the world goes for a walk. The moment predators leave the den (in this case the human house) they are hunting. In nature every pack leader has to defend her/his pack. As human beings we know this too.
As the unexperienced dog owner is clearly not defending her/his dog, the dog has to take over this task. The tragedy is that people who unknowingly make their dog behave in such a way, are then calling their dog a bad dog or an aggressive dog.
As soon as I (and any other person with a bit of experience and with calm assertive energy) work with this kind of dog (s)he is not bad anymore and learns to accept my protection when there is something or someone threatening the safety of the team.

It is my experience that dog owners who are unclear, insincere, chaotic, muddled and untruthfull in their communication with their dogs are doing the same when dealing with human beings……..and with themselves.
They will say things like I will call you, while I can see in their faces they will not do it. They will make a second appointment and then cancel it, which does not come as a surprise to me because I felt they were going to cancel anyway. They will say they have practiced a lot with the dog, while I can see that nothing works in everything they want to do with the dog.

Scientist have calculated that a maximum of 5 % of the human population is able to offer leadership to their fellow human beings.
It is clear that more than 5 % of the population of the western countries owns dogs.
For me, my dogs are my teachers.
My Spanish friends have a saying for this : El perro es el reflejo del dueño, or the dog is the reflection of the owner.
Having a dog offers you and me the opportunity to discover in ourselves the qualities we need to develop in order to become better dog owners and…………….. better human beings.

Kindest regards from Brunothedoglistener.

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Ever thought that a second dog might help you find the solution for the problem you have with your actual dog?

Having received almost a hundred letters from me, you have read that in my experience most problems between human beings and dogs are due to a lack of correct communication.

Watching dog loving people call their dogs I often have the impression it is like Inuit talking to Khoi San.

Dogs talk to each other by means of body language. We think that if we fill the air with enough words the dog will understand us. We are dedicated members of the chattering classes or not? The opposite is true for dogs. The less we say, the better the dog will understand us, certainly if we use the correct body language and maintain a calm assertive energy. By the way, the Greek philosopher Pythagoras wrote the following: do not say a few things in many words, but many things in few words.

There are many, many dog loving people who have problems with one dog, who think the problems will disappear if they acquire a second dog.


In stead of having problems with one dog, you will have problems with two dogs.


Because if you have not been able to communicate adequately with one dog, you will not communicate correctly with two dogs.

BUT, and this is a big BUT, the two dogs will  perfectly understand each other. With the result that the newly arrived dog will learn from the dog you have already. (S)he will certainly learn all the things you consider to be a problem with your first dog, be it pulling on the leash, jumping up at you and visitors, barking constantly at whoever visits you, ignoring you when you call him. You name it.

If you for instance have a dog suffering from separation anxiety, do not think, not even for a second, that a second dog will cure your dog from it. Your dog is not howling, barking, urinating and destroying the furniture when left alone, because he feels lonely. He is probably showing all these signs of separation anxiety when left alone, because you are showering her/him constantly with human attention. And you probably do this because your dog is so lovely and so nice.

But remember: all pups are born as perfect dogs. As far as I know the only traumatized animals in the world are the ones living with human beings. All the others are nice and lovely until they die.

Kindest regards from Brunothedoglistener

Your calm assertive energy results in a stable dog.

00 34 690 19 29 76

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