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During a dog walking class in Jalón one of my pupils told me her dog is eating from a container.Ever used one yourself?

It is a big box you can fill with dried food. At the bottom is an opening and while your dog is eating, more food will flow automatically into the bowl.

Another question: “When do you think someone calls me for advice?”

Certainly not when the caller ‘s dog became European champion in obedience trials.

Most people call me saying something like “My dog needs some training”.

According to me there is a lot of truth in the Spanish saying “El perro es el reflejo del dueño/a”, meaning that “the dog is the reflection of the owner”.

What is being reflected by the dog?

The dog will reflect the energy and the behaviour of the humans (s)he is living with.

It is my conviction that dogs do not need training in the first place. Before you can train a dog, you need to understand correctly what the dog is telling you with her/his body language and behaviour. Then you can learn to communicate with your dog by means of your body language, your behaviour and your energy. Forget about the words. The less you say, the better.

As soon as you have a system in place enabling you to correctly communicate with your dog, then you can start educating your pet. The target of our education is that the dog pays attention to us when we ask for it.

One of the best tools during this educational process is my feeding ritual. Feeding your dog the way I describe it allows you to behave like the leader of the pack.

But how can you use my feeding ritual if you do not feed your dog yourself?
How will you get the dog’s attention if not you but a container is educating the dog?

In order to understand what I mean, let’s think dog.

A dog is a (descendant of a) canine predator. If there is food available for the pack it is the result of a chase and a kill of the prey. After the kill the pack will eat according to rules that reflect the pecking order. If your dog eats from a container, without you being present, it is my conviction that (s)he will experience this as a confirmation of her/his high position in the pack.

Taking the position of the leader will be more difficult for you if you use a food container than if you would feed your dog yourself.

No wonder I many times see food containers being used by people whose dogs are not paying attention to them. If you want to know more about educating your dog, why not come to a Dog Walking Class in Jalón/Alicante?

Kindest regards from Brunothedoglistener

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