About Bruno

Bruno Goffin
Born 22.09.1943 in Antwerp, Belgium
Graduated from University of Ghent in 1966.
Lived and worked in England, Austria and Spain.
Active member in the ManKindProject.
Moved to South Africa in 2006

During the Second World War I came to Mother Earth in the city of Antwerpen. At a very young age I wanted to become a teacher. Having graduated from the University of Ghent I liked teaching very much. But as a young teacher I did not like the bureaucracy. Having started my first shop while being a working student I quit teaching and started building my business.
Eventually it took me to many different countries and I discovered how I liked learning foreign languages. It enabled me to communicate on a more intimate level with clients and suppliers.
One day my wife took a decision. At that time I did not realize how important that decision was going to be for the rest of my life.
She decided to adopt a golden Labrador.
In a dog-training club a few benevolent amateur-trainers showed me how to use a choke chain. I sometimes cringed for what I had to do but I did not know any better.
After six months I was invited to become an instructor and I went to my first canine course. I did not learn a lot, but anyway I was flattered to become an instructor.
Soon members of the club were asking for private lessons.
That is where my canine career took off.
Having sold my business we moved to Spain and my hobby became my profession.
I was confronted with hundreds of owners having trouble with a ”bad” dog.
Very soon it became clear to me that the dog was never the problem. Where an owner spoke about a “bad” dog there was no correct system of communication in place between owner and pet.
I’ve told you already that learning languages fascinated me.
Now I decided to learn the canine language by observing how wolves and dogs interact and how the members of my own growing pack of dogs communicated.
We communicate with words.
Linguistic scientists have proven that 66 % of the time we do not speak the truth.
“Yes, I’ll call you.”
“Do not worry. The check is in the mail.”
We all know what that really means.
Dogs never speak like this. They never lie. They never pretend.
That’s why it is so easy to understand them, if you know how to communicate with them.
Very clear rules govern the life of a pack. Respect of these rules guarantees survival for the pack.
I started applying what I learned from my canine teachers and the results were astonishing.
When I behaved like a true pack leader, dogs recognized the behaviour and the “problems” disappeared. The dogs trust and respect me. Based upon these discoveries I have been able to help many dog owners in many different countries. I continue doing so…
Are you in trouble, do you want to tell me your story, do you have questions or suggestions, contact me.
I am waiting for you and I will be delighted to get to know you.