Pulling human

During one of my Sunday morning walks I found myself behind a person who had a dog on a leash. What I saw were two unhappy sentient beings, being linked to each other by a leash.
The human was constantly pulling the dog closer to her/his left leg, while saying something like “heel”. The distance covered by each jerk must have been half a meter. This means that the dog being snatched by the collar around its neck, was displaced over the distance of half a meter, just as if (s)he was a THING like a chair or a box. The dog’s reaction to the painful jerk to the right, was each time to immediately go back to the position (s)he was in, i.e. at the end of the leash, at a distance of about half a meter from the human leg.
It was clear that the human wanted the dog to walk close to him/her but it was also very clear that each jerk was each time, utterly and totally useless.
Is this a comfortable situation for the dog carer to be in?
Is this a comfortable situation for the dog to be in?
According to research done in Germany 96 percent of all dogs have a trauma in the neck. Most of these dogs are “owned” by NICE dog loving people. Any idea how painful a trauma in the neck is? Just ask someone who has been the victim of a whiplash.
Now try to imagine having dozens of whiplashes every day.
You got the picture?
Great isn’t it.
Would you like to be treated like that?
Then, why do so many dog carers submit their dog to that kind of treatment?
Why don’t they ask me to teach them how to communicate correctly with their dogs?
Why they do not say something like: “Look Bruno, we’ve known each other for quite some time and I have seen how you can deal with both dogs and their carers. Would you please teach me how to walk with my dog on a slack leash?”
My answer would be: “It will be my pleasure to teach you dear friend.”
Nevertheless my question for today is: Why people who know me quite well don’t ask me to teach them?
You could read about what I assume is the answer in my letter about DENIAL.
It is my opinion (like Cesar Milan thinks too)that many people prefer to paddle down the river called DENIAL.
Denial is a powerful force in human lives. For some of us, our dogs become projections of our own Egos and we see them the way we want to see ourselves. However, until we see ourselves the way we really are, we cannot help our dogs. One of the hardest things for any human being to do is to admit a mistake and change a behaviour. Most clients keep on telling me how nice their dog is and how they adore her/him. At the same time they are blaming their pets for the unresolved issues in their own lives. For me as an observer it is obvious they are avoiding these issues or are unaware of them.
If you are having difficulties with your dog, the first thing to do is take a good, honest look within. I am more than willing to help you getting there. The second thing you have to do is to cultivate calm assertive energy. I am more than willing to help you reach that state of mind.
If clients are not willing to do that, it becomes very difficult for me to help them.
But if you have the courage and the consistency to travel on the road of personal development, there will be very positive changes not only in the life with your dog, but most of all in the life you lead with yourself and with anyone around you.

Written with love and compassion for both suffering dogs and nice well-meaning humans.